Accessibility | Diversity/ Inclusion | Participation | Sustainability
2013 - on going
3 Months
Artists, curators, researchers

Pivô Research is Pivô’s artistic residency program that has been in permanent activity since 2013. Aimed at Brazilian and foreign artists, the program currently receives about 30 artists annually. Over the years, Pivô Research has accumulated extensive experience in the training of artists through the critical following-up of projects and in facilitating the development of works. Pivô also established a network of professionals who collaborate frequently with the program.

Pivô Research is oriented both to the development of individual research and to the creation of an environment of continuous dialogue between program participants, Pivô’s curatorial team and invited professionals. Collective activities are developed by Pivô’s curatorial team according to the profile of the group of selected artists, taking into account their conceptual, formal interests and technical needs. Each artist relates to the program in his/her own way, the participants of Pivô Research have their individual creation time respected and simultaneously come into contact with different researches, different visions and open themselves to generational and international exchanges throughout the three months of residency.

The program welcomes both artists at the beginning of their careers – with or without formal training in visual arts – and professional artists who seek other types of dialogue and an experimental work environment. All residents participate in the same activities. Between 2013 and 2019 more than 185 artists from 20 countries participated in the program.

8. Open talks

Pivô invites an artist who is a former resident or who participates in the exhibition program to share his/her working process with the residents in an open talk, providing different perspectives in relation to artistic practices and conceptions.

9. Public programs

The public activities linked to the program are proposed by Pivô’s curatorial team and may vary from each term according to the residents’ practices to meet more specific demands and/or according to Pivô’s exhibition program. At each term, the participants are also invited to propose activities open to the public such as talks, study groups and workshops.