EDI Global Forum for Education and Integration is an international network of cultural institutions and professionals who work to link artistic practices and education in innovative ways.

EDI is an international hub of cross-cultural art education research, where, as is the case in a “think tank laboratory”, research is performed, experiences are shared, and knowledge is built and compared through both structured debates and discussions and more informal activities.

The EDI network aims to develop an open-source, world class Art Museum Educational Research Center with a special emphasis on digital and online education.

As the communities that art institutions around the world serve become increasingly diverse, the ways of mediating art for vastly different publics with vastly different cultural reference points need to reflect a greater variety of perspectives.

The EDI platform exists to link art education departments and initiatives across the world and develop new tools for art mediation and promote the social role of the museum as an instrument of well-being and cultural participation.

By facilitating increased dialogue between art educators, curators, artists, and a wide array of publics, promoting active collaboration, co-creation, and respect for difference, EDI endeavors to contribute to more human and sustainable futures through transformative and meaningful encounters with art and artistic thinking. The educational aim of the museum should form creative and free minds, able to relate to the multiplicity of situations in contemporary society.

Developed through a private-public partnership with the Campania region, EDI is a program created by Fondazione Morra Greco. The project is funded under the 2014/2020 POC managed by the Directorate General for Culture and Tourism.

Participation in the network is free and inclusive.