Family Friendly
children - 6 to 11 years of age

OCTOPUS TOOLBOX Publishing project for children 

Octopus Toolbox is a digital publishing project created to introduce contemporary languages of expression to the world of children (6 to 11 years of age). 

Exploring the contents of the Octopus Toolbox will make it possible to discover how the Museum for Preventive Imagination of MACRO is structured, how its exhibition programming is organized in the various spaces of the museum, and to investigate the intrinsic possibilities of a highly experimental approach, in close dialogue with developments in the contemporary world. Octopus Toolbox also makes many digital contents available, providing educational modules for download.

The Department for Preventive Education of MACRO offers the possibility to attend training sessions and guided tours of the museum for groups of teachers, educators, and parents. If you would like to know more about these activities, please send an email to with the subject “Octopus Toolbox”.

Octopus Toolbox is a project of the Department for Preventive Education of MACRO – Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome, realized in collaboration with RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts.
Octopus Toolbox  is a digital publishing project developed in collaboration with two students from Rufa – Rome University of Fine Arts: Giulia Mangoni and Beatrice Rossi. MACRO’s Education Department has initiated a dialogue with the academy for the co-design of a digital educational activity. The students of the Visual and Innovation Design course developed the project as their thesis in dialogue with two members of MACRO’s team: Irene Angenica – Public Relations and Educational Activities Coordinator and Olivia Link – Graphic Designer, both from the point of view of developing teaching activities and from the practical point of view of putting into practice the graphic skills studied in their course of study. The toolbox is free, and can be accessed from the above link (as well as by accessing the MACRO Museum website), and has been sent free of charge to several schools in the area. It is available in both English and Italian . Anyone who wants to use it as an educational tool is welcome!