Il Museo che Verrà – CALL FOR PROPOSAL

Participation | Participation
six months
students from Universities of Campania
On March 26, 2021, the Morra Foundation of Naples in collaboration with ICOM Italia, University of Naples Federico II and University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli, has launched a call for the selection of 50 project ideas on the museums of the future. This CALL FOR PROPOSAL was intended for students of Campania universities who intend to make a significant contribution to the construction of innovative ways of using the museums operating in the Campania region. The general objective of the project, born in a historical moment of organizational and creative resilience of museum spaces, is to involve the younger generations in thinking, shaping, creating the future of museum realities located within the Campania regional context, assuming an active role in the transformation of cultural, urban and rural space. Using all the languages of contemporary production, from collage to video, through animation and augmented reality, students are called to design proposals able to imagine a renewed conception of museum, understood as a center of interpretation of the territory, participation and cultural production.
This campaign was conceived by the Campania Regional Coordination of ICOM Italia and adopted and financed by the Morra Foundation to open a channel of communication and planning with all the students who study in the museum and live in the regional territory and who will be the future ambassadors and users of our museums. The selected proposing students received the ICOM card for the year 2021. The closing of the selections was followed by a final study day with relative awarding and in September 2021 the Morra Foundation dedicated a publication, published by Edizioni Morra, containing the winning projects of the Call.