Be a poem

2 days
workshop and performance
age 16 and up

Be a poem, Workshop and a collective performance hold in the programme of Scuola Popolare, in Villa Romana, Florence, also part of ARKAD, a project by KAD for Manifesta 13 – Les Parallèles du Sud, ideated and curated by Dimora OZ and Analogique, in partnership with ESADMM2020, Marseille, 2020

Collective embroidery of own thoughts with a gold thread on personal clothing to wear together in a performance.

This project was made in July 2020, after the first lockdown. In that period I had to move to Marsiglia to participate at ARKAD, a project by KAD for Manifesta 13 – Les Parallèles du Sud, but they were in lockdown, so I decided to make the project in my town Florence, in the park of Villa Romana, in Scuola Popolare Program. During the pandemic emergency I have moved the creative act into into life itself, nevertheless poetry still proves to be one of the best ways to transcend Time. Embroidery is an effective technique to induce meditation and calm the mind and can become a good way of communication. During the lockdown I wrote thoughts down, then using a gold thread to embroider them on personal clothing. After I decided to share this practice with other people, in a 2 days workshop in the park of Villa Romana in Florence, in the frame of the program Scuola Popolare. Everyone expressing their own thoughts about this period of isolation and embroidering  them. The last day these sentences have become a series of poems to wear together in a performance to build a shared grammar able to overcome boundaries and isolation, with other people of our community in Florence. I recorded a video of the process for the platform created by ARKAD and I shared the video also with Manifesta 13 – Les Parallèles du Sud.