Diversity/ Inclusion
September - October 2021
children, teens, families
The Educational Department of Fondazione Morra Greco presented a workshop program of several meetings dedicated to the contamination and relationship between physical space and sound, in which space is considered as a place of production of cultures and meanings.
Made in collaboration with the Scalzabanda, the musical band of the girls and boys of the popular district of Montesanto in Naples, the program offered several opportunities for informal discussion and experiential approach to the instruments used during the performances. The instruments were in fact an essential part of the exhibition Sonance Saturated Stone by Maria Thereza Alves, which opened on September 16 at the venue of the Fondazione Morra Greco, Palazzo Caracciolo in Avellino. The exhibition project consisted of a series of videos showing musicians, migrants and inhabitants of the city of Naples, playing instruments from different cultural traditions. Music becomes a means to build a bridge between different peoples, breaking down historical, geographical and cultural barriers and, in this sense, the workshop was proposed to the public as an exercise in empathy and an experiment in understanding and dialogue between otherness. Each meeting lasted about two and a half hours and began with a visit to the exhibition of Maria Thereza Alves, followed by the musical part with the boys and girls of the Scalzabanda and the performers. The band teacher and the musician involved led the workshop alternating music, words and gestures of different cultures.Abbattimenti sonori proposes music as a form of contact and interaction between very different peoples and cultures, crossing space and time boundaries.