RE-INVENTING Presence. Strategies of Engagement Across and Through the Pandemic

Marta Morelli (Head of Education), Stefania Napolitano (Architect, Senior Heritage Educator) and Giovanna Cozzi (Art Historian, Senior Heritage Educator) Fondazione MAXXI – Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo Roma and L’Aquila, Italy

Everything suddenly changed due to the pandemic crisis: we were forced into our homes, living apart and learning to work and live differently. We’re still suffering. Space, time, and relationships as we knew them no longer exist. The sense of physical presence in museums, artistic institutions and events was suddenly not allowed, changing how we can relate to original artworks. In such a crisis, how can museums reach and involve people? How can museums imagine different forms of presence and participation? The MAXXI Education Office shares reflections and practices by means of case studies and demonstrations of online workshops developed around the museum’s permanent collection of contemporary art and architecture.