Art Education and New Technologies

Nadiem Makarim (Education Minister of Indonesia), Jakarta, Indonesia - Korvi Rakshand (Founder) Jaago Foundation, Dhaka, Bangladesh - Alessandro Rubini (Head of Education and Cultural Innovation Department) MEET Digital Culture Center, Milan, Italy - Antonio Alfredo Capuano (Professor) New Technologies of Art, Academy of Fine Arts, Naples, Italy - Antonio Grillo (Professor), New Technologies of Art, Academy of Fine Arts, Naples, Italy

This panel brings together innovators in the space of technology to address how new networks enabled by unprecedented digital connectivity can power new publics to engage with education and art. Featuring the Education of Indonesia, who prior to taking public office, founded Gojek, an on-demand multi-service and digital payment technology platform, an educator in Bangladesh who has been providing digitally powered classrooms in vulnerable and hard to reach regions of the country since 2011 that is being consulted by governments around the world, two professors in New Technologies at the Fine Art Academy of Naples and the head of education and cultural innovation at MEET- Digital Culture Center in Milan, panelists will discuss the space of technology, innovation, and learning from a wide variety of perspectives.