A più voci | With many voices

The Palazzo Strozzi project for people living with Alzheimer’s Disease
Luca Carli Ballola (Geriatric Educator) and Irene Balzani (Education Department) Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi – Florence, Italy

With Many Voices offers people living with Alzheimer’s Disease the opportunity to express themselves through art and proposes a model for communication that is still possible. After an experimental phase in 2011, the program became a regular fixture of the Palazzo Strozzi Education Department’s programme and is open to families as well as to care homes. The Covid-19 pandemic has made a major impact on people living with dementia by further increasing their sense of isolation. In the context of With Many Voices Palazzo Strozzi has developed a number of “remote” ways of imparting continuity to the experience of the program and staying close to participants. The workshop illustrates the project’s development in its online modality and include a practical session to allow us to reflect together on how to transform an experience where presence (both of the work of art and of people) is one of the key features.