Through the other’s eyes – For a new intercultural model

Through the others' eyes
Accessibility | Diversity/ Inclusion | Family Friendly | Participation | Participation
6 months
Non- Italian visitors of the National Archaeological Museum of Naples. A part of the project was addressed to non-Italian kids visiting the museum A second part of the project was addressed to Chinese culture audience
In 2017, in the framework of the Strategic Plan of the Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli (MANN) and of the activities aimed at increasing accessibility of the Museum, the Association Progetto Museo developed the Project Through the others’ eyes   , with the goal to create informative materials specifically targeted to a Chinese audience. The aim was not to reach an objective and neutral communication, but to follow the definition of interculturality as described by UNESCO. Participative workshops were carried out with Chinese students of the Naples Fine Arts Academy to write a short guide of the Museum targeted to a Chinese audience and with Chinese children to write a short activity book to distribute to all the children visiting the Museum. The fist part of the project was directed to an adult audience and particularly, to the Chinese culture audience of the Museum. This target was identified due to to the considerable increase of Chinese presences in the Museums registered in the last few years. The second part of the project was, more generally, directed to non Italian children visiting the museum with their families, with the goal of producing didactic supports universally accessible for children coming from different cultural background. The goal of the project was to create for both targeted audience specific supports that could make the experience of the museum’s visitors more entertaining and engaging, using contents and languages precisely directed to the identified targets.
Development of Part 1: Through the others’ eyes – preparation of material for adult Chinese culture public. The idea of the project was to create a small guide in of the Museum made of the description of 10 of the most important artifacts/sections of the museum specifically targeted for a Chinese culture audience. The idea was not simply to translate in Chinese the contents, but to create  culturally oriented contents. 5 workshops were organized with 6 Chinese University Students (with a good background in Chinese art history and history) in Naples. The workshops were guided by an archaeologist with the support of a Chinese cultural mediator. The goal of the workshops was to highlight elements that could be useful to compare Greek-Roman classical culture with Chinese culture so to create a more culturally accessible guide for the Chinese audience. The first step was to create a compared chronology, so to show what was happening in China while the events related to the collection of the MANN were taking place. Afterwards, the description of the 10 objects/sections were written adding always a reference to easily accessible elements of the Chinese culture. All the contents were written by an Italian archaeologist after the workshops with the contribution of a Chinese cultural expert, who was also in charge of the translation in Chinese language. Development of Part 2: The project was developed in 4 workshops carried out with non-Italian children, so to develop engaging activities that could be used as a tool to engage children during the visit to the museum. The aim was to develop an «universal» book that could be accessible for children coming from any cultural background. The book was divided in sections referring to the natural elements and suggesting activities to be made in the museums or at home after having observed the objects in the museum. At the end of the guide there is also a small glossary and some general informations about the Museum, so to help adults in following the children in their activities.The book was made by museum educators after having tested the activities with children of the Neapolitan Chinese community.