Thought and Creation Labs: Female Empowerment

Diversity/ Inclusion
2-3 hours
Children and youth
This project consists in the creation of experiences in educational institutions that start from the need to deconstruct gender roles and biases, and bet on initiating the awareness of girls, young and adult women of the empowerment of their rights and duties as citizens. It is a process of recognition and development of their capacities, which seeks to strengthen autonomy and independence in different areas of their lives. It also strives for the appropriation of rights and the courageous visualization and execution of different roles in society, with a view to transforming their environments and reduce existing gender gaps. The activities are focused on elementary school and the initial part of high school, in order to deconstruct and rethink the roles and stereotypes about gender that are present in children’s stories, games and toys. These elements, in addition to being a source of imagination and magic, “socialize, instill ideas, beliefs, social values, expectations, needs, offer models of action” that can be reviewed critically and playfully. This revision gives the characters a twist and creates new stories that sow the seed for female empowerment and the development of new masculinities.
With high school students, an exploration of the ideas of the body from contemporary art is also proposed, as it is the vehicle that carries most of the symbolisms about the feminine or about being a woman (ideals, sexuality, gender, beauty, care, transgressions ). In this way, we seek to open critical thoughts not only on identity, but also on the autonomy and rights we have to decide on our own body.