The eyes of the world

1 month
Relational work
Local community.

During a period of residence in Latronico, in Basilicata, invited by Vincenzo De Luca Association for the project A Cielo Aperto, I chose 12 geographical points where embed circular mirrors of multiple dimensions – special places to which entrust hopes and desires – in relation to listened or communicated stories by the community of Latronico.

It was a public art project with which it was realized a performative moment of participatory art where personal memory was the contribution for the creation and manifestation of collective memory. The eyes of the world, A cielo aperto Project, Vincenzo De Luca Association, Latronico
As frame, the location: The streets and squares, where the circles  are positioned, relate to each other through invisible connections, and the village, in the encounter between energy past, present and potential, becomes a living entity.   The inhabitants were invited to contribute to the realization of the exhibition writing behind the maps of the points the story of a memory, a personal or imaginary story linked to the sites chosen, giving mirroring circles their  own name or of a dear person , outlining an individual way that will be intersected with the other inhabitants’ones. Helping to build a collective and emotional memory of the place. In this way art is experienced as a tool to build something visible that expresses a collective identity, formed by individual identities. The mirror for its dual characteristics, is a way to evoke alternative universes,  while the human being , with his “vertical” presence and his eyes, makes possible the connection between the earth and the sky. In the perspective of breaking down the distance between the artistic work and the public, for instance, on the day of the opening, people were invited to “polish”, even metaphorically, each mirror to which they had associated their memories in order to take care of it in the future, indeed, the creation embraces the history of a land and its inhabitants of the past, the present and future.