Telephone Experiences: Sonic approaches to children and youth without connectivity.

Diversity/ Inclusion | Participation
2020 - 2021
1-2 hours
Telephone experience
Children and youth without internet access.
During the compulsory confinements and virtual schooling of boys, girls and youth in Colombia during the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Museum began to carry out virtual synchronic experiences with groups of students based on the themes offered by the exhibitions on view. However, it is a reality that many of these children lack connectivity and, therefore, their learning processes in schools were maintained through booklets and WhatsApp messages in the best cases. To guarantee access to information and the enjoyment of art, one of the Museum’s solutions has been to carry out telephone experiences focused on conversation, games, conversation of different knowledges with families, and the contemplation or creation of sound art. Starting with triggering questions such as what does a museum sound like? What does an art museum look like? Or what do plants sound like?, the mediators propose short dynamics that activate boys and girls, and look for points of connection to establish relationships between the museum and the world of the child.
Beforehand, each participant receives a booklet of activities that they can do at home to stimulate her creativity and imagination.