Diversity/ Inclusion | Participation | Participation
2020 - 2021
artists and a group of women working in different professional fields related to the theme of moral violence
The exhibition Fatti curare! Storie di donne, come la narrazione delle nostre vite può diventare patrimonio condiviso (Get cured! Women’s stories, how the storytelling of our lives can become a shared heritage) by the artist Paola Gaggiotti, hosted the works of the artists Gloria Capoani, Donata Lazzarini, Rebecca Mari, Concetta Modica, Chiara Pergola, Gaia Michela Russo, of the artist Luca Farinelli and the intervention Toilet Diaries purposely created by the artist Stefania Galegati in some public places of Castelbuono. During the monthly meetings that have previously taken place in live-streaming on the Facebook page of the Civic Museum of Castelbuono, the artist shared phrases of ordinary moral violence pronounced especially against women, in sentimental and professional relationships and in environments that should function as protected places but in fact are not. Removed from their context, words and phrases resonated in their symbolic intensity, like a real linguistic ready-made. The actions involved women in taking responsibility for an issue not often perceived in its true seriousness, both because of a widespread form of silence and a low culture of the problem. The shared reading of sentences and listening to the voices of many women and men with whom to share experiences of moral violence in an empathetic and participatory way, was the starting point to develop awareness of their personal power. The exhibition set up in the environment of the Quarto Don Cesare, inside the Ventimiglia Castle, was configured as a choral work that brought together the works produced by the artists involved. In the experience of participation lies the commitment to consolidate the relationship between people and institutions within a community. In practicing the idea of ethical sustainability in a concrete way, all the technological materials and elements used for setting up of the exhibition have been recovered in the city of Castelbuono, thanks to the support of citizens.
The project was realized in collaboration with Aurora Prestianni, President of the Anti-Violence Center Co.Tu.Le.Vi of Castelbuono, with the curator Francesca Pasini and with the support of the Seminary of Castelbuono, composed by Stefania Cordone, Luciana Cusimano, Michela Mazzola, Giusi Palumbo, Cinzia Pitingaro, Lia Romè – who took part in the meetings made by the Museum from October 2020 to March 2021. During the meetings, three video works, photos, drawings and columns were produced,which gradually transformed the exhortation of the title Fatti curare! into actions that claim the right of every woman to take care of herself. Works in exhibition
  • Paola Gaggiotti, Fatti Curare!, 2020 – video 3’50”
  • Paola Gaggiotti, 2021 – six preparatory drawings for the video animation Fantasmagoria, colored pencils and Indian ink on A4 tracing paper – Oltre il fosso le risaie | Do you want some blackberries? | Here the salmons don’t swim | There are no more dead people | The world begins again | It all happened here
  • Paola Gaggiotti, Fatti curare!, 2021 – handmade artist’s book on recycled paper
  • Chiara Pergola, reading of the first paragraph of “The Psychic Life of Power” by Judith Butler, 2021 – recorder and audiocassette, 2’00 and La mia metà, 2005-2021 – alphabetical binder 34×24 cm
  • Paola Gaggiotti, Donata Lazzarini, Concetta Modica, Madre mia, 2021 – video 7’25”.
  • Paola Gaggiotti, Donata Lazzarini, Concetta Modica, Madre mia, 2021 – photographic print on gilded plate 40x30x4 cm
  • Gloria Capoani, Luca Farinelli, Paola Gaggiotti, Rebecca Mari, Gaia Michela Russo, Fantasmagoria, 2021 – videoanimation 9’55”
  • Gloria Capoani, Luca Farinelli, Rebecca Mari, Gaia Michela Russo, Fantasmagoria – Bestiario (set of unfounded suppositions fruit of a vivid imagination), 2021 | 4 prints on paper, illustrations by Gloria Capoani
  • Stefania Galegati, Toilet diaries, 2021 – felt-tip pen