Accessibility | Diversity/ Inclusion | Participation
2017 - present
3 hours per session
Keynote presentation, sharing session, discussion
Educators, school teachers, lecturers

Educators’ Forum is a twice-yearly gathering for art educators from all levels of institutions in Indonesia. In addition to inviting artist and education expert as guest speakers, the forum also provides a platform for educators to discuss their experiences in teaching art in the classroom. Before the pandemic, the forum was held physically in the museum, inviting educators within the Jakarta Metropolitan Area. Since 2020, the forum has been shifted as an online gathering and thus has been able to reach educators from different cities and islands in Indonesia.

In the past four years, we have held ten Educator’s Forum, covering various topics, including art identity and inclusivity (2018); inclusivity and accessibility in art education (2021); alternative approach and distant learning in art education (2021); art education with local communities in remote areas (2021).

The Education Resource Kit (ERK) is a specialized information document for teachers to be utilized as activities with their students. Developed in relation with the exhibition on view, the purpose of the document is to support positive and enriching educational experiences for students from all formal levels of primary education (Grade 1 to Grade 12). Museum MACAN’s ERK is distributed as a PDF document that can be downloaded from the Museum’s website and accessible for educators across in Indonesia.