Designing space with video

7 days
My field of interest as a filmmaker and as a teacher has always been to build forms of audiovisual storytelling to tell about places. So I proposed an excursus between works and experiences characterized by this common element, thus also trying to share a peculiar methodology of “space mapping” that I use in the construction of the audiovisual artifact. The goal is to experiment spatial forms to represent urban space, using artistic research as a means of representing the complexities of the urban space and the dynamics of those who live it. The focus of the proposed workshop is to represent a series of representations of the urban space. A project of reflection on the themes of the contemporary metropolis seen through one of its interstitial elements, “temporary areas” that emerge along the metropolitan routes, and between the border areas between metropolis and rural areas, between industrial areas and residential areas, “undecided” areas, residual and extra architectural areas present in the urban fabric.
In the practical phase, there was the following steps:
  •  a couple of days of urban exploration, fundamental to having a full visual awareness of the places taken as a reference;
  • a moment of informal discussion (2-3 hours) where I showed extracts from my most significant works, and to give students a track to make crossings of urban areas where they can find material to be included in a collective project;
  • the final collective project.
The modalities of this workshop were necessarily based on a widespread knowledge of the contexts and on exploratory modalities, in particular through a multidisciplinary aimed at making dialogue between artistic practice and quantitative dimension (for example through the mapping of social networks).