Children's Art Space
Accessibility | Diversity/ Inclusion | Participation
6 months (per project), twice-yearly
Exhibition, children's programs, public programs, workshops, school visits, virtual tour, online activities
Children and families
As a multicultural nation, Indonesia has rich arts and cultural heritage spanning across the archipelago. Such diversity is one of the driving forces for the country’s rising arts and creative industry. Nevertheless, the plural localities have also made it challenging to establish and sustain a dynamic arts and culture education system. In the formal sector, art education faces numerous challenges – including insufficient course hours, limited expertise of teachers, and unequal access. In response to these challenges, art education programs developed by informal institutions such as museums can be a viable alternative to help enable access to quality art education for the wider public, especially to young minds and children. Education is a core mission of Museum MACAN. Our dynamic exhibition, education and public programs are designed to engage with different groups of audiences, from the general public and art enthusiasts to educators, also to children and their families. Partnering with local schools, we provide educational resource materials for teachers to help engage their students with art beyond the walls of our museum. We are also committed in helping the development of a healthy art ecology and landscape in Indonesia through internship opportunities, and other education and training for young professionals that support the development of artistic, curatorial, and professional museum practices. In the past couple of years as the COVID-19 pandemic significantly changes the physical experience in the museum, we have been developing more online programs. Utilizing various digital platforms from Zoom and YouTube to multiple social media channels,  Museum MACAN has increased audience engagement and made meaningful social and cultural impact with a variety of accessible education and public programs. Our Museum From Home program has received over 111,000 page views since its launch in early 2020, while the educational contents on social media have had over 2.5 million impressions and 1.4 million reach on Instagram.
The Children’s Art Space is twice-yearly exhibition program dedicated to children and their families. With the Children’s Art Space program, we aim to introduce and engage children through playful and multisensorial art experiences. The artwork and activities included as part of the exhibition invite interaction, participation, and creation, so that by seeing, doing, discovering, and creating, children and their families can actively engage with art in a variety of ways. Since the inception of Museum MACAN in 2017, we have worked together with six Indonesian and international artists to produce distinct exhibitions that highlight the artist’s artistic research and presentations as well as the educational themes carried within the artwork. These themes include: nature and biodiversity (Tromarama: The Lost Jungle, 2021; Entang Wiharso: Floating Garden, 2017), traditional folk tales and contemporary storytelling (Citra Sasmita: Tales of Nowhere, 2020), history and inter-generational relationship (Shooshie Sulaiman: Rubber Scape, 2019), and creativity (Mit Jai Inn: Color in Cave, 2019; Gatot Indrajati: The Tinkering Box, 2018). This approach of commissioning artists to produce artworks dedicated for children and families is not a common practice in the Indonesian art scene and the Indonesian museum. Therefore, there are challenges in translating the artistic concept and research project into children-and-family-friendly art program. To overcome these challenges, intensive workshop sessions with the artist and a collaborative effort from all departments in the museum are carried throughout the development stages of the project.