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The second edition of EDI Global Forum will be held in Naples from 24 to 27 October 2023 and it will bring together professionals from museums, institutions, no profit spaces, etc., from all over the world to actively discuss on the educational and social role of the Museum in the contemporary society.

Shape the future of museums. Will they be for everyone?

a conversation with Maria Chiara Ciaccheri / Museologist Anne Taylor Brittingham / Deputy Director for Education and Responsive Learning Spaces at Phillips Collection In today's uncertain times where are museums going? And what about their future? From dealing with fundamental social issues to transforming the future, museums today are questioning the connection between cultural heritage […]

The museum, the neighbourhood, and the housing crisis

a conversation with Anna Chiara Cimoli /Università degli studi di Bergamo/MUBIG Ana Kutleša and Dunja Kučinac / BLOK - Local base for culture refreshment Today, the participatory agenda has become one of the museum's key strategies, but to what extent? This webinar will open a critical reflection on the relationship museums have with their neighbourhoods. […]